9 January 2008

Olemantikers "The Factory"

I once saw this wonderful appartment in a newspaper!
Build right inside of an old fabric building that has hardly been changed at all, only adjusted a little here and there to fit the needs - and ta-da! now it is a fabulous spacy loft...
That was just what I wanted for my sims as well!

What's inside?

- one one-tile window,
- one two-tile window,
- one door,
- two different columns,
- two different decorative beams,
- one streetlight,
- one stair and
- one fence.

For those who might wonder!
(facts and informations)

Although the two special beams and columns will look absolutely identical in the game catalogue, they are different! While one of them is centred on a sims-tile the other is off center to create the effects I needed in my house without typing too many cheats...

The streetlight from the preview pics as well as the huge light attached to the wall are actually only one lamp (file). Parts of the object were created in a way so that they "hide inside a wall" when placed next to it - and voilĂ , it looks like it is "attached" to the wall!


Click any of the pictures for more!

Expansion pack or not?

Everything is base game compatible except for the fence, you have to have at least one EP installed for this one to show up (doesn't matter wich one).

Repository Technique?

There are two MASTER files! Yes, this time there are two!
You have to have those in your downloads folder or otherwise you will end up with flashing blue objects:

ole factory win MASTER.package
all the windows and the door borrow their textures from this single object.

ole factory column MASTER.package
the columns and the beams borrow their textures from this single object.

For more information about the repository technique read this post right here!


You can either download single files or the complete set at once - it's all up to you!

All the files are packed as rar's or zip's so you have to have something like winrar, winzip or 7zip etc. to unpack them. For more information on how to install things read this post right here!

Olemantikers "The Factory" - the complete set
Download from Mediafire

Olemantikers "The Factory" - single files
Download from Mediafire

Olemantikers "The Factory" - collection files
Download from Mediafire

Please read my "dos and don'ts"


Evelyn said...

Hi, I am so glad I found your site again. I lost the Factory in a computer crash. I am stationed in Afghanistan and there is not much possibility for real live other than a virtual one! The Factory is my favorite lot was my of all times! Now I can build my own...Best of luck with everything and THANK YOU!!

JustThis said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this !!!

jlouis said...

Thank you for this great work free.

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