7 January 2008

Olemantikers "What you always wanted to know and things you really need to!"

Base game or EP (expansion pack)...
compatibility questions?

Mostly all my stuff does not need any EP and is solely playable with the base game only!

Well, mostly! there are a few exceptions. I love build stuff and as you might already have noticed that makes it sometimes necessary to have at least one EP installed. But don't fear, I will always tell you when an object or set needs an EP and which one that is in particular!

Windows, doors, arches and such...
Things you need to know about "diagonal" objects!

If you have already downloaded some of my creations (or others) you might already know that, but just in case you wonder: "Why are there two files for every window, door, arch etc?"

Well, there is an easy explanation for that!

Every object that can be placed on either straight or diagonal walls needs corresponding files.

One is always the "straight" version of the object, the other is the matching "diagonal" file.

So whenever you find a file (package) that has the addition "diag" in it's name it is one of those objects.

Don't get confused, you will need both the files to be able to really place things right or otherwise they will simply convert back to a base maxis object once you try to place them on diagonal walls!

And yes, all my creations have (as far as necessary) straight and diagonal versions!

The repository technique...
What you have to know about it to make things work!

First rule:
There is one and only one file that holds the texture(s) while others are just borrowing them. That's about it! I hope I didn't loose anyone on the way!

Usually I name that file "blah blah MASTER.package" - the word MASTER being important here.

This file is the one you have to have in your downloads folder to make all the other files who are just borrowing their textures appear in the catalogue! Otherwise, they will just flash blue.

Too much tech talk? Yeah, I know, let's make it simple, whenever I am talking "repository technique" just keep in mind that you have to have the MASTER file or the set wont work.

Second rule:
If you want to recolor something, always recolor the MASTER file! The other files will borrow the recolors as well as the original textures, that's what makes this technique so fascinating and convenient!

Dos and Don'ts...
My Policy!

You can do whatever you want to, recolor the objects, send them out to friends via mail or share them on forums or include the files in your uploaded lots - and yes, that means pay and/or free! Just please make sure people always know where you got all the files from and where they can find them for free and some information about them! The only thing I don't want you to do is claim anything as your own!