11 January 2008

Olemantikers "The Sims 2306 AD - The Space Center"

Welcome to the 24th century!

Please remember to keep the airlocks unblocked for the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation!

All personnel is hereby reminded to keep their security passes visible at all time!

All violations of duty will be reported to the administration and result in immediate dismissal!

I so desperately always wanted a futuristic set for the sims! Well, here it is!

What's inside?

- 4 window sets, each with 4 windows and matching diagonals to build an all around window, took some time to match all those together and avoid gaps as far as possible with the games limitations, 2 recolors are already included in the packages because there are way too many objects to just recolor them one by one
- one double window,
- one double and one sliding door,
- three columns and one connecting column (requires open for business),
- one stair (fair warning here, it is the only object that goes over the recommended poly count),
- two different fences (they require at least one EP, doesn’t matter which one that is),
- one oversized fence to create the glass tunnels and a matching arch to cover the walls at the ends (the fence requires at least one EP and a little building skill but I think you all have that by now, don’t you?!?!?)
- electric pipes, 14 to be exact, cloned from pictures so will go down with walls and not block your view, 7 close to the floor, 7 beneath the ceiling, SPECIAL ATTENTION repository technique, you have to have the MASTER FILE with „MASTER“ in the name to make them work
- two walllights, two outside lights and one fence light,
- a lot of deco objects, batteries, boxes, pulsing wallpanels, glass roofs, some recolors,
- one bed,
- one chair,
- one table,
- one tv hanging on the wall though it might not look like, but it does need a wall or you cheat with „moveobjects on“,
- two neighborhood deco objects, they work fine in my game, but I think you have to have at least one EP installed.

Matching walls, floors and even terrain paints are also available!


Click any of the pictures for more!

Expansion pack or not?

Please see the object descriptions above.

Repository Technique?

Yes, please see the object descriptions above!
For more information about the repository technique read this post right here!


You can either download single files or the complete set at once - it's all up to you!
all the files are packed as rar's or zip's so you have to have something like winrar, winzip or 7zip etc. to unpack them. For more information on how to install things read this post right here!

Walls and floors are not part of the complete set, please download them seperately!

Oh, and this time I also included the lot for download! Be warned though, it’s huge and only created for taking pictures with all EP’s and accessory packs installed up to pets, I never really played or tested it to it’s full extend. What I’m trying to say is this: I am in no way responsible if it crashes your game! Keep that in mind, please!

Olemantikers "The Space Center" - the complete set
Download from Mediafire

Olemantikers "The Space Center" - single files
Download from Mediafire

Olemantikers "The Space Center" - walls and floors
Download from Mediafire

Olemantikers "The Space Center" - the lot
Download from Mediafire

Please read my "dos and don'ts"

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