13 August 2008

Pirate Ear Rings for Male Adults and YAs

(No, the model will not be posted - so don't even bother asking!)

Beos says: Big guys need bigger jewels! These larger hoops are typical of pirates and fashionable rockers wanting to project that sportin' look. Works on other meshes besides the bodybuilder & superhero, but only on young adult, adult, and elder males! No girls on this one! And sadly no teens.

Thanks to Marvine for holding my hand through the making of these, she is the bestest! *extra wet smoochies for Marvine!*

These items are stackable with other accessories (but not each other) - they stay on in all states of dress and undress, are non-deforming, and have reflectivity (SHINY!!). They come in two rather fancifully named colours Gold of the Spanish Main and Silver of Far Cathay.

Seymore says...See more male ear-rings and piercings by Paleoanth and Temptress at ModTheSims2.com!