11 November 2009

Good News

Yakov has finally been qualified for disability benefits including medicare insurance covarage; this means he now has access to proper (real) medical care available closer to home. What with the economy being in the toilet, the past year has been rough for all of us so all of you have donated and helped out are saints and most excellent friends. Yakov most likely would not have made it to this point alive without your help, and without all of the medical tests proving his disability of which you have helped in the payment.

At Yakov's insistence, I have removed the donation button. Once Yakov is able, he will make a more personal post; until then, please accept my thanks for all of your generosity. Yakov asks that if any of you had been planning to make a donation that you donate that money to some charity (such as a food bank or an organisation offering medical care to the needy in your community).

12 October 2009

Donation Button

I want to personally thank all of you for your concern and kind words. Your thoughts and prayers are more valuable than you can know. Yakov is not much better, there has been a recurrance of infection in his sinuses and nose that has caused more problems. He is still suffering from arythmia and hasn't regained as much of his fuctionality as the doctors had inclined us to believe he would. He will most likely require physical therapy to regain most of his lost functionality.

A number of you have asked for a way to send money and it has been a very difficult decision. I am undertaking this on my own without Yakov's consent, but the rude truth is that he needs the money more than he needs his pride. I want to stress that we are not asking for donations on his behalf, only providing this link for those of you who have already expressed an interest in helping out financially.


See this post: Good news


8 October 2009

Yakov Update

Yakov is feeling better, he's moving around with more ease, but still easily tired by the slightest exercise. Yesterday and today he walked about 100 metres with his cane. He's made some attempts to use the Internet and has installed Sims again. He cusses constantly, so we think it means he's back to being his old self in most ways.

He wore a Holter monitor last Thursday and Friday, and we were happy about that until it came to our attention that there was a hidden fee. The processing lab that compiles and reports the findings won't release the information without payment. We've managed to scrape together most of it but are US$330 short. I hate asking for donations, and Yakov hates me asking for them more than you would believe, but if anyone has it to spare, the help would be greatly appreciated.

It sucks the more because we had been given to believe all of the treatment done by the cardiologist would be free. The fine print was a different reality. All of these trips up to the Cleveland area are the more hurtful because someone has to miss a day of work to take Yakov up and back, so whereas we'd maybe have the money if we didn't miss the work, we are getting hammered by both lost wages and unexpected expenses.

Now we're in a position where we have important test results but can't access them. It's more than frustrating.

11 September 2009

Bin Bags - Trash Bags

Clutter for janitors and alleys

Find in Statues, §1 -- DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

Mop bucket - Wet Floor Sign

Meshes from Silent Hill, re-made for TS2 with new textures by Beosboxboy

2 separate objects in 1 RAR file

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

Hot water tanks - Boilers

Large and small water tanks

Large water tank find in Statues, §650 -- DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

Small water tank find in Statues, §300 -- DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

2 September 2009

Yakov Update 2 Sept 2009

Last Friday, Yakov suffered another episode of extreme dysrythmia. The ER recorded his heart over the course of four hours ranging from a low of 38 beats per minute to a high of 221 beats per minute. He experience a series of ministokes again and has been greatly weakened by them. He was placed in cardiac ICU for observation over the weekend where his heart returned to a normal pattern.

We were able to bring him home today. The cardiologist and neurologist are in agreement that he needs surgery to "burn out" misbehaving nerves, probably needs a pace-maker, and definitely needs valve replacement surgery. In the same breath that they said this, they also said it was a sad state of affairs since he will likely get none of the three because he has no insurance and no means to pay for anything.

On happier news, we stopped by the courthouse on the way home and Yakov took his citizenship oath with Judge O'Hanlon, so Yakov's citizenship is now official and we no longer have to worry about deportation or some other bureaucratic madness.

We ask you to keep Yakov in your thoughts and prayers and thank you for your continued emotional support through all of this.

4 August 2009

Yakov Update 4 - VIII - 09

Yakov ssuffered another episode of dysrythmia and ministroke this past weekend. He had some numb spots form on his face and hands, but these resolved themselves rapidly. The trip to the hospital was frustrating since the EKG that recorded the episode in the ambulance was not kept by the hospital so yet another opportunity to establish the exact nature and possible remedy of the underlying problem was lost.

They made him wait from about 8 PM until 3 AM before performing a CT Scan, so they dropped the ball again on getting a clear record of the region of the brain that was affected by the ministroke.

It was infuriating in the extreme because even though I am not a doctor, I knew they should have at least kept him and ran more tests, but they summarily discharged him within 15 minutes of doing the CT scan.

* * *

Thank you to all of you who have donated. It has been very helpful in setting up some physical therapy appointments. Sadly, like everything else that is done via "cash money", the system doesn't know how to deal with it any more, so it takes longer.

If anyone has magic medical insurance pills, please send them ASAP

5 July 2009

Yakov home from Hospital

Unsurprisingly, the so-called doctors at the hospital ran a lot of expensive tests and sent Yakov home to us with the recommendations that he have valve-replacement surgery and maybe a pacemaker. Something we've known for a considerable time, but aren't able to afford.

At least he's alive and at home. We appreciate all the emails and comments. I've printed them out and shown them to him, so he sends his thanks to you each.

Yakov still has some problems with speech and memory. In his own words "it's better than being dead... or being at that do-nothing hospital, which is worse by far than being dead; at least people sometimes talk to the dead, unlike the staff at that place."

The photo of the dashing fellow in desert garb is Vincent Price as the deliciously abominable Dr. Anton Phibes in "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" - which Yakov has just finished watching (again).

30 June 2009

Yakov's health

Yakov suffered a series of transient ischemic attacks or "mini-strokes" this past week. He is doing better than could otherwise be expected under these circumstances, but he is very weak and disoriented. As it was explained to us, these occured because his pulse went above 180 beats per minute. If the medical system in this country were worth a damn, they'd already have outfitted him with valve replacements and a pacemaker. So much for the much hoped for great health reform Mr. Obama promised. We hope you will continue to remember him in your prayers.

10 May 2009

Das schlägt dem Fass den Boden aus...

(Von der sogenannten...)
Ich korrigiere mich:
Von einem Teil der sogenannten Sims Community bin ich ja so einiges gewohnt.
Da werden Lügen verbreitet, da wird sich in anderer Leute Dinge eingemischt, da wird gehetzt und gelästert was das Zeug hält. Größtenteils ohne die Fakten zu kennen und ohne zu hinterfragen.
Was mich anfangs noch sehr empört hat, bin ich mittlerweile fähig zu ignorieren.
Aber auf diversen Sims Seiten lesen zu müssen, daß mein geliebter Freund im März verstorben sei...das schlägt dem Fass den Boden aus!
Jemanden totzusagen, ohne dies genau zu hinterfragen oder ohne sich 100%ig sicher zu sein, das ist ja wohl an Geschmacklosigkeit kaum zu übertreffen.
Der Magen hatte sich mir beim Lesen so einiger Kommentare auf diesen diversen Sims Seiten nicht nur einmal umgedreht.
Und die Verfasser eben dieser, sollten sich in Grund und Boden schämen.
Yakov ist mein Freund und er liegt mir sehr am Herzen.
Wenn er stirbt, dann werde ich um ihn weinen und um ihn trauern. Und keiner kann sich auch nur im Geringsten vorstellen, wie sehr.
Aber eben erst dann und keine Minute vorher!

In diesem Sinne:

trau, schau, wem!

PS: jegliche Fragen, PN's, Emails oder Sonstiges, Yakov's Befinden betreffend, werde ich ignorieren und nicht beantworten.

Setting the Record Straight...and Other Things
posted by Starfire (Tamarind on MTS), a friend of mine and Yakov

(Starfire is not me. If I post anywhere, I do this in my own name. And btw...my english is not THAT good, that I would do so.)


29 March 2009

Update V1.1

I updated the original post to correct some files and add some as well...
Read more about that here...

24 March 2009

Boutique Petra: Part First

* The "Petra" wall logo is NOT included

ATTENTION: These objects have high resolution textures and higher than normal poly-counts!

The counter MAY cause problems with some EPs since they were made to be base game compatible and have no outside corner meshes.

All objects are base game compatible - no EPs or Stuff Packs required.

The clothing rack appears in the catalog only on community lots.

Marvine (huge, regular, and slim bodybuilder meshs and textures)
Marvine (watch meshs and textures)
Engelchen (clothing and red birch wood textures)
Norman Bel Geddes and Frank Lloyd Wright (basic design concepts and inspiration)

Stacked sweaters - Suza Men's Clutter Set (not included)
Leather gym bag - NoFrills (TSR) (recolour by Beosboxboy - not included)
Attaché case - 4ESF (recolours by Beosboxboy - not included)
Hand bag - Sandy (ATS) Gifts for Sims (not included)
Watercolour Set - Sandy (ATS) Gifts for Sims (not included)
Photocopier - Wallsims Fusion set (not included)
Painting - Shoukeir (Sims2Play) Painting No.23 (not included)
Curtains - Simtomatic (TSR) Civic Walkin set (not included)

By downloading this set you agree to NEVER upload any of these items to the EA/Maxis Sims Exchange!
Otherwise, these objets may be posted on any other site with appropriate credit to Marvine, Engelchen, and beosboxboy.
A link to All4Sims.de is not required, but appreciated.


21 March 2009


Inspired by "Once upon a time..." and "...happily ever after" I created
this set of build stuff for the sims 2...

Updated March, 29th
Update V1.1

See end of post for more information


There are lots of pics coming....

Click any of the pictures for a bigger view

What's inside?

Lots and lots of goodies....
There are windows and arches, both small and huge, fences and a connecting column, plants and rocks and even some decorations for the roofs...

Click any of the pictures for a bigger view

Expansion Pack or not?

Yes, you will need some EP's...
The fences need any EP, doesn't matter which one...
The connecting column needs Nightlife...
The huge arches need University...
The roofdeco needs Bon Voyage...
The spiral stairs need Apartment Life...
The rest is simply cloned from base game objects...
And yes, everything has it's own unique GUID...

Update V1.1

I updated all of the roofdeco and the waterplant, they are now recolorable as well...
Sorry for any inconveniences... as a bonus and to really say sorry, I also added some deco chains and a spiral stair... both are also part of the complete set now, if you want to download all at once...


You can either download single files or the complete set at once - it's all up to you!
All the files are packed as rar's or zip's so you have to have something like winrar, winzip or 7zip etc. to unpack them. For more information on how to install things read this post right here!
The walls, floors and the terrain paint are not yet released... the lot itself will never be...

Download the complete set from
Mediafire Rapidshare

Download the single files from
Mediafire Rapidshare

Please read my "dos and don'ts"

20 March 2009

Engelchen: Huge BB Ciel Enfer Outfits


Categorised as Casual Wear / Mesh by Marvine/Olemantiker included