12 February 2007

The Much Demanded Fetish Cock Set

You went down on your knees and begged, pleaded, and demanded. The gods of all that is hard and throbbing heard your prayers. The long with-held, often flaunted FETISH COCK! Look at the sleek chrome finish, the ample interior, the rich Corinthian leather! Drool if you must, but the new 2007 Fetish Cock seats two comfortably with room to spare! Cock, it's what's for dinner!

Two new skintones are made available here with all new textures for the Wank of Dreams. My bits are still warm from the caress of the scanner, that's how new the textures are folks! What other custom content creator gives you this much of himself I ask you? I live for my public! :bouncy:

So without further ado, I give you the FETISH COCK SET!

Special Skintone is not pictured - this is a surprise for you lot, so don't bitch!

The nude clothing is categories by age since there seems to be a problem with Pets EP reading multiple age categories of clothing. All necessary Meshes are included with the RARs.

And Happy Bloody Valentine's Day! Where's my candy??!!

Warning: Keep away from eyes, small children, and pets; may cause blindness or incontinence; if rectal bleeding occurs discontinue use.