4 August 2009

Yakov Update 4 - VIII - 09

Yakov ssuffered another episode of dysrythmia and ministroke this past weekend. He had some numb spots form on his face and hands, but these resolved themselves rapidly. The trip to the hospital was frustrating since the EKG that recorded the episode in the ambulance was not kept by the hospital so yet another opportunity to establish the exact nature and possible remedy of the underlying problem was lost.

They made him wait from about 8 PM until 3 AM before performing a CT Scan, so they dropped the ball again on getting a clear record of the region of the brain that was affected by the ministroke.

It was infuriating in the extreme because even though I am not a doctor, I knew they should have at least kept him and ran more tests, but they summarily discharged him within 15 minutes of doing the CT scan.

* * *

Thank you to all of you who have donated. It has been very helpful in setting up some physical therapy appointments. Sadly, like everything else that is done via "cash money", the system doesn't know how to deal with it any more, so it takes longer.

If anyone has magic medical insurance pills, please send them ASAP