17 January 2009

Ciel & Enfer - accessoires for the hugeBB

Ciel & Enfer - accessoires for the hugeBB

I created those for engelchen - and she really had to wait this time as it took quite some time until I had everything worked out the way I wanted it. And yes, this would have been no fun without my beloved previews / screenshots. so prepare for a pic intense post!

Click the pics for enlargement
All the models I used were created by engelchen and I dedicate the necklaces to her. My thanks go out to marvine and beosboxboy for creating the beautiful huge bodybuilder in the first place - without them this would not have been possible. If you too want to use them, have a look at the labels to the right, there are many amazing downloads right here!

Everything you are about to see is created on one mesh alone - with a lot of possibilities. The next pictures show what I came up with so far - the rest is up to all the talented recolorers out there!

There are three rared files to download, each one containing the nine possible variations. One is the metallic necklace, the second one the black leather and the third is the brown leather necklace. Each download contains the same mesh so you can safely delete or overwrite them as they are really always the same in case you download them all.


Metallic Necklace
Mediafire Rapidshare

Black Leather Necklace
Mediafire Rapidshare

Brown Leather Necklace
Mediafire Rapidshare

8 January 2009

Engelchen: Slim BB Turtleneck & Popped Collar Outfits

Categorised as Casual and Outerwear | Mesh by Marvine/FourTSeven included

7 January 2009

Montoto_SK: HBB Surf Suit

Montoto says: Hi everybody!

Klipton requested a surf suit for the HBB and here it is...now all bodybuilders can surf and keep it dry

( mesh included in RAR )

Montoto_sk: Huge BB Underwear Mega Pack

Montoto syays: This time I like to share my favorite undies for the HBB, all made by me.

The Pack contains 14 pairs of undewear, briefs and trunks. Now your sims can have a fresh pair of cool design underwear every day.

I hope you and your sims enjoy it!

See you!

( mesh included in RAR )