13 September 2008

Black-Eye Makeup

Beos says: just a blacked eye for a boxer Sim I made. It's for males only, but feel free to clone it and make it whatever you like. Stackable with other masks, but not Mermaid Cove's eye-bags. Use it, post it, share it!

10 September 2008

Short mohawk for males

PHOTO INFOS: The pants sported by my self-sim in the adult model are by MohicanTunes: Bondage set for adult males. The top is available on a sim I made of Vin Diesel as "Riddick"

As requested by Macboy17 in the Requests section at InSIM.

This mesh should not require any Expansions.

Short Curly Hair for Men

This mesh was done by request for a forum member on InSIMenator.net

This mesh would not be possible with out the assistance of Kavar; special thanks to Kavar, Marvine, & Ren for testing it.