11 November 2009

Good News

Yakov has finally been qualified for disability benefits including medicare insurance covarage; this means he now has access to proper (real) medical care available closer to home. What with the economy being in the toilet, the past year has been rough for all of us so all of you have donated and helped out are saints and most excellent friends. Yakov most likely would not have made it to this point alive without your help, and without all of the medical tests proving his disability of which you have helped in the payment.

At Yakov's insistence, I have removed the donation button. Once Yakov is able, he will make a more personal post; until then, please accept my thanks for all of your generosity. Yakov asks that if any of you had been planning to make a donation that you donate that money to some charity (such as a food bank or an organisation offering medical care to the needy in your community).