21 February 2009

So I am posting at TSR again...

Firstly, for those of you have a problem with that, get over yourself.

Secondly, does that mean that there will be no more goodies posted for free on this blog? No, there will always be free content by myself and the other artists who contribute to this blog being posted here. To illustrate this point, I am giving you a preview now of a set that is slowly coming into shape:

As you can doubtless see, this sort of thing is patently not acceptable for the general audiances of TSR and could never be posted there.

13 February 2009

210 Cox-Thurst Avenue: Edwardian Manour

As Engelchen pointed out, I never use any flowers or trees if I can avoid it... well... I guess I at least used a few in this one...

Expansion Packs & Stuff Packs: All, yes ALL of them

As per usual, all non-Maxis CC has be removed EXCEPT:

UK-style recessed windows and doors by Inge Jones (Simlogical)
half-landing staircase by Inge Jones (Simlogical)
larger Breeze-Easy window by Inge Jones (Simlogical)
black & white tile by Inge Jones (Simlogical)
Victorian walls & floors by Marina (Marina's Sims 2)
old wood flooring by Shoukeir (Sims2Play)
outdoor plants by 4ESF
doors and arches by NoFrills (Sims2Code)
plaster walls by Shtinky (HolySimoly)
fences and other items I made especially for this lot.
Outdoor shower rocks by Marvine (Master mesh included in RAR for textures)

Now the images:

12 February 2009

Engelchen: Slim BB Workout Clothes

Categorised as Athletic Wear / Mesh by Marvine included

New Statue: "Am I not also a Sim?"

neue Statue des nackten männlichen Sklaven
A new statue of a nude male slave with broken chains

Texture Credits:
Wood/Marble Base: Maxis/EA
Rock under leg: Maxis/EA
Slab red, blue, green: Maxis/EA
Statue skin: Louis/Ren
Chains: Maxis/EA

Mesh Credits:
Hair: Janna (SimsConnection)
Body: Marvine
Base: Maxis/EA
Face: Monshanjik

Concept credit: Monshanjik

Poly-count Info:
Triangles: 7508
Vertices: 5097

Requires Free Time, Apartment Life, and Mansions & Gardens!

Freizeit-Spaß-Erweiterungspack, Apartment-Leben-Erweiterungspack, und Villen- und Garten-Accessoires muss installiert sein!


Ultra Modern California Style Home

100 Steep Drive

Expansion Packs & Stuff Packs: All, yes ALL of them

Best suited for the steep drive in Belladonna Cove (Apartment Life neighbourhood)
Best location
View from Street
Front Elevation
West Side
Cost as packaged: §79,406

Photo Credits:
11 Dots - Avenue potted ficus, Atrium blinds
BeOS Box Boy - Wall-light Poster, Locker-room Bench, single and stack of toilet paper rolls
Blakeboy (MTS2)- Wall-mounted skateboards
Cyclonesue (TSR) - wall AC unit, European-style room heater, roof-top clutter
Kate (Parsimonious) - Lune Attic blackboard
Klarsicht42 (MTS2)- KS Light system wall-lights
Living Dead Girl (TSR) - Wall sitches and electrical outlets
Mango Sims - Laundy Items, Suit cases
Merola64 (SimChaotics) - Multipurpose Painting (Hacked Object)
MsBarrows (TSR) - Blue Suede Sofa
NoFrills (TSR) - Gym bag
Shoukeir (Sims2Play) - Cozy Corner table & chairs
Shtinky (HolySimoly) - Babble sofa, Seaside Siding, Industrial Fence, Tranquility dining chair, Wetter pedistal sink
Windkeeper (TSR) - Helios Counter-height Window, Tissue Box, Wicker laundry hamper, wall-mount toilet paper roll, wall towels

All custom objects removed from the lot before packaged to Sims2Pack, only Maxis content in the packed file.