10 January 2008

Olemantikers "Simland Mall"

Come over here and spend your money,
make new friends,
shop, dance and drink,
talk, gamble and waste your time,
this is the newest shopping and fun experience in simland...

What's inside?

I worked a lot with the material definitions in all of the packages to keep the things shiny and bright!

Most of the objects come in silver, gold, bronze and dark metal as "build-in-colors", so do not search the recolor-files as there are no new textures! Everything is just "tinted" within the package...

The same applies to some of the glass-thingys, they come tinted clear, green, blue and dark without having new textures or recolor-files.

There are even some texture-animations in the columns and the halfwall, just take a look at the pics below the descriptions...

windows and sliding door
one master file, the single tile window (repository technique), always necessary for all the others to appear,

come one-story, two-story and three-story high, the bubble-texture is animated, also come without the bubbly effect

two different ones, a low and a normal one,

texture-animated to look like this bubble-thingy from sims 1, well, as close as I could get it to look like,

one master file (repository technique), the normal shelf, the corner shelf and the cube (really stackable!) take the textures from this one

a counter that only shows up on community-lots, well, it is meant to be there and nowhere else, with matching recolrs for the shelves,

no new textures for the magazines, but a working magazine-rack for your business with a new look matching the shelves,

for male and female, no new textures for the clothes, but new look to match the shelves,

shopping speaker
only for downtown playing the shopping-channel only,

cloned from the downtown trashcan, this is only usable on community-lots,

cloned from sculptures (be careful, they will block your sims' way) in severeal combinations with the "moveobjects on" cheat even placeable o noutside walls for a wonderful building-effect,

do not really spend shadow or hide anything inside your house, these are cloned from sculptures (be careful, they will block your sims' way) and can only be placed with the "moveobjects on" cheat outside the house, also including one "off center" one to not block doors,

direction signs
not much to say about these but come in more recolors then shown in the pictures,

advertising banners
come in two sizes (cloned from sculptures, so be careful, they will block your sims' way), several recolors and a special recolor for the part that attaches to the wall or ceiling without a new mesh, you can change that with the design-tool,

shop signs
they cast a little light and glow at night, come in several recolors (not all shown in the previews),

advertising column
not really a column, only decorative, but very good for advertising your mall for everyone who drives by,

texture animated and changed a bit to make it fit the set, comes in several built-in-recolors,

well, a diningchair,

two different ones, on with two seats and another one with three seats,

matching the whole set and especially the chair,

well, just like the diningtable, something that matches the chair,

looks just perfect placed above those glasswalls and shelves,

cloned from a ceiling lamp and can be placed directly to shelves and walls with parts of the mesh vanishing inside the shelves/walls, or in the middle of a room,

placed all by itself or with the "moveobjects on" cheat to the advertising column spending enough light for all your sims.

(I so hope I didn't leave anything out!)

Matching walls and floors are also available!


Click any of the pictures for more!


You will need the cep for this set to work properly.

Expansion pack or not?

This set was intended for open for business, in order to use these objects you therefore have to
have the following expansion packs or else nothing will work: university, nightlife and open for business!

Repository Technique?

There are two MASTER files. Please see the descriptions above!
For more information about the repository technique read this post right here!


You can either download single files or the complete set at once - it's all up to you!
All the files are packed as rar's or zip's so you have to have something like winrar,
winzip or 7zip etc. to unpack them. For more information on how to install things read this post right here!

Walls and floors are not part of the complete set, please download them seperately!

Olemantikers "Simland Mall" - the complete set
Download from Mediafire

Olemantikers "Simland Mall" - single files
Download from Mediafire

Olemantikers "Simland Mall" - walls and floors
Download from Mediafire

Olemantikers "Simland Mall" - collection files
Dowload from Mediafire

Please read my "dos and don'ts"

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