11 September 2009

Bin Bags - Trash Bags

Clutter for janitors and alleys

Find in Statues, §1 -- DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

Mop bucket - Wet Floor Sign

Meshes from Silent Hill, re-made for TS2 with new textures by Beosboxboy

2 separate objects in 1 RAR file

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

Hot water tanks - Boilers

Large and small water tanks

Large water tank find in Statues, §650 -- DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

Small water tank find in Statues, §300 -- DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

2 September 2009

Yakov Update 2 Sept 2009

Last Friday, Yakov suffered another episode of extreme dysrythmia. The ER recorded his heart over the course of four hours ranging from a low of 38 beats per minute to a high of 221 beats per minute. He experience a series of ministokes again and has been greatly weakened by them. He was placed in cardiac ICU for observation over the weekend where his heart returned to a normal pattern.

We were able to bring him home today. The cardiologist and neurologist are in agreement that he needs surgery to "burn out" misbehaving nerves, probably needs a pace-maker, and definitely needs valve replacement surgery. In the same breath that they said this, they also said it was a sad state of affairs since he will likely get none of the three because he has no insurance and no means to pay for anything.

On happier news, we stopped by the courthouse on the way home and Yakov took his citizenship oath with Judge O'Hanlon, so Yakov's citizenship is now official and we no longer have to worry about deportation or some other bureaucratic madness.

We ask you to keep Yakov in your thoughts and prayers and thank you for your continued emotional support through all of this.