29 March 2009

Update V1.1

I updated the original post to correct some files and add some as well...
Read more about that here...

24 March 2009

Boutique Petra: Part First

* The "Petra" wall logo is NOT included

ATTENTION: These objects have high resolution textures and higher than normal poly-counts!

The counter MAY cause problems with some EPs since they were made to be base game compatible and have no outside corner meshes.

All objects are base game compatible - no EPs or Stuff Packs required.

The clothing rack appears in the catalog only on community lots.

Marvine (huge, regular, and slim bodybuilder meshs and textures)
Marvine (watch meshs and textures)
Engelchen (clothing and red birch wood textures)
Norman Bel Geddes and Frank Lloyd Wright (basic design concepts and inspiration)

Stacked sweaters - Suza Men's Clutter Set (not included)
Leather gym bag - NoFrills (TSR) (recolour by Beosboxboy - not included)
Attaché case - 4ESF (recolours by Beosboxboy - not included)
Hand bag - Sandy (ATS) Gifts for Sims (not included)
Watercolour Set - Sandy (ATS) Gifts for Sims (not included)
Photocopier - Wallsims Fusion set (not included)
Painting - Shoukeir (Sims2Play) Painting No.23 (not included)
Curtains - Simtomatic (TSR) Civic Walkin set (not included)

By downloading this set you agree to NEVER upload any of these items to the EA/Maxis Sims Exchange!
Otherwise, these objets may be posted on any other site with appropriate credit to Marvine, Engelchen, and beosboxboy.
A link to All4Sims.de is not required, but appreciated.


21 March 2009


Inspired by "Once upon a time..." and "...happily ever after" I created
this set of build stuff for the sims 2...

Updated March, 29th
Update V1.1

See end of post for more information


There are lots of pics coming....

Click any of the pictures for a bigger view

What's inside?

Lots and lots of goodies....
There are windows and arches, both small and huge, fences and a connecting column, plants and rocks and even some decorations for the roofs...

Click any of the pictures for a bigger view

Expansion Pack or not?

Yes, you will need some EP's...
The fences need any EP, doesn't matter which one...
The connecting column needs Nightlife...
The huge arches need University...
The roofdeco needs Bon Voyage...
The spiral stairs need Apartment Life...
The rest is simply cloned from base game objects...
And yes, everything has it's own unique GUID...

Update V1.1

I updated all of the roofdeco and the waterplant, they are now recolorable as well...
Sorry for any inconveniences... as a bonus and to really say sorry, I also added some deco chains and a spiral stair... both are also part of the complete set now, if you want to download all at once...


You can either download single files or the complete set at once - it's all up to you!
All the files are packed as rar's or zip's so you have to have something like winrar, winzip or 7zip etc. to unpack them. For more information on how to install things read this post right here!
The walls, floors and the terrain paint are not yet released... the lot itself will never be...

Download the complete set from
Mediafire Rapidshare

Download the single files from
Mediafire Rapidshare

Please read my "dos and don'ts"

20 March 2009

Engelchen: Huge BB Ciel Enfer Outfits


Categorised as Casual Wear / Mesh by Marvine/Olemantiker included

Engelchen: Dairmid

All contents remain the property of original creators, if contents is here in violation of stated policies of creators blame Maxis/Electronic Arts for causing Body Shop to include meshes etc.

( All needed meshes included )