8 January 2008

Olemantikers "The Breeze"

I always felt the urge to have open windows inside my game,
the need to add some variety while building those "sunny" and "breezy" kind of houses.
Well, here is what I came up with...

What's inside?

- six different windows,
- one door,
- two arches,
- one stair,
- one column,
- two curtains,
- two fences and
- two halfwalls.

After having a lot of requests for smaller windows,
I added the following "expansions" as a christmas treat to this set:

- one new door,
- three new smaller windows,
- matching curtains for the smaller windows,
- one new big window,
- one connecting column,
- x-mas recolors for the curtains and the windows and last bot not least
- one "adventskranz".


Click any of the pictures for more!

Expansion pack or not?

Almost everything is base game compatible except:
the connecting coulmn needs the nightlife EP and
the fences need at least one EP (doesn't matter wich one).

Repository Technique?

There is one MASTER file:

ole win breeze half op MASTER.package

You have to have this one in your downloads folder because all the other windows, the doors and
the arches borrow their textures from this single object.
For more information about the repository technique read this post right here!


You can either download single files or the complete set at once - it's all up to you!
all the files are packed as rar's or zip's so you have to have something like
winrar, winzip or 7zip etc. to unpack them.
For more information on how to install things read this post right here!

Olemantikers "The Breeze" - the complete set
Download from Mediafire

Olemantikers "The Breeze" - single files
Download from Mediafire

Please read my "dos and don'ts"


Mana_Flores said...

Hello! I've seen this particular window set on aroundthesims2 (LOVE their downloads) and I saw these windows and have been trying to download the master package. I don't know where to go since there is no link to download the master package. I would REALLY LOVE to have this window set, so could anyone help me with the way to get the master package? I would appreciate it greatly!

engelchen said...

You can download the master package here:

jlouis said...

Thank you for this great work free.

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