11 November 2009

Good News

Yakov has finally been qualified for disability benefits including medicare insurance covarage; this means he now has access to proper (real) medical care available closer to home. What with the economy being in the toilet, the past year has been rough for all of us so all of you have donated and helped out are saints and most excellent friends. Yakov most likely would not have made it to this point alive without your help, and without all of the medical tests proving his disability of which you have helped in the payment.

At Yakov's insistence, I have removed the donation button. Once Yakov is able, he will make a more personal post; until then, please accept my thanks for all of your generosity. Yakov asks that if any of you had been planning to make a donation that you donate that money to some charity (such as a food bank or an organisation offering medical care to the needy in your community).


olemantiker said...

-tight hug-
-lots of kisses-
...good news will make me hug you (virtually) even harder - so prepare for a bone crushing embrace of the most painful kind - I promise I will be more carefull once I finished the first 100 kisses... xoxo

Deni said...

This post just made my day! I would love to be able to give you big hugs in person.

engelchen said...

Ich freu mich so wahnsinnig für dich und mit dir Yakov, ich könnte glatt die ganze Welt umarmen.
Es gibt immer Hoffnung und manchmal auch Wunder.
*One day all will be well and happiness and bunnies and butterflies...*
Ich wünsch es mir für dich.
*giant tight hug and big wet kiss*

Unknown said...

Wonderful to hear! Hopefully you will be up and running in no time Yakov. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Ms. Dopamine said...

Dear Yakov,

I dunno all the reasons that led you to this illness. But if even the smallest percent of it is because of PMBD, you can utterly count on me by your side.

I joined the Sims community in 2007 and I've followed all the drama. How Pescado became an idol to this generation of simmers that, like filthy 12-year-olds, worship the most idiot guy of the school just because "he's rude and does wrong things" and for them that makes him "more awesome than everyone".

I've seen how lazy are the "free creators" now. They frankenstein some clothing meshes cutting off some feet and copypasta-ing some other feet with a pirate copy of Milkshape, they retexture and recolor hairs massively with the textures and actions of the "artist" of the moment (someone who just does copypasta with other people's hard work...by the way, the hair textures are copypasta blends, too), and some other things with absolutely NO EFFORT.

I signed Nouk's damn petiton against paysites that time. And holy fuck, how much I repent that. Not that it had the outcome they wanted that time, but it opened the doors for the fucking low-life pirates and their fucking low-life worshippers.

Now I see the value of the REAL artists, whether pay or free: people who really tried and did their best. No matter if it was to contribute to the community, to earn money, both or none reasons. Now I see the value of people like YOU, Yakov, people who REALLY worked to offer us, downloaders, pieces of artwork which had a small piece of your heart in them. YOU are a real artist, not some filthy pirate or pirate-worshipper who just makes frankeinsteined stuff as sloppily as they wipe their butts. Really smelly pieces of crap wrapped in neon-coloured batch-textured packages. And the worst thing, THEY are praised as artists! And the REAL artists are forgotten or, if remembered, disrespected in any way.

I'll do my part to change at least a bit this situation. We can't stop the pirates and the half-assed "creators", but we can at least form a new generation of aware simmers and really talented creators, it wouldn't matter if they are free or pay creators, but if they are REAL artists. I hope it isn't just a wishful thinking of a silly girl.

Yakov, I wish you all the best! Get better, and I hope to see you posting here again!

Kind regards,

Ms. Dopamine

Anonymous said...

I am very happy for him. I wish him a complete recovery. May God grant my wish. Love you guys!!!

Unknown said...


I'm so glad to see you alive (: I was about to send something to you for good luck, a talisman that i believe so powerful but @ cargo office,they also asked me your phone number.you just gave me your address, you know.so i couldnt send it.

but please do not forget that, someday, somewhere; everything will be different. future is designed by your own. and sure future exists. i have faith, you are strong enough to realize that.

you know, i always loved you. and still i do (: i wish i could just be there and hug you tight.awww you my teddy bear <3

hey hey hey,wait, didnt you promise me for that? you'll live long enough to let me hug you! bitch, please! do not forget your promises!

and take good care of yourself! dont let anything to get you down!



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