5 January 2010

Engelchen: Window Breeze Recolours

Click pictures for fullsize view

Get Mesh by olemantiker here:

Olemantikers "The Breeze"


Enjoy :)


Ms. Dopamine said...

Thank you both (Engelchen and Olemantiker) very much, it's much appreciated.;-)

pieridae said...

Not all the pics are loading for me, but from what I can see it looks terrific. Thanks!

olemantiker said...

sorry pieridae, but I just checked the pictures and they are loading fine for me - I don't know what to do about your problem as it does not happen to me... maybe you can try another browser?

eeks said...

I just found your site, and it's just awesome. It reminds me when I played to the sims2 and used the bodybuilder meshes. now I play with the sims3, but it's such a pity there are no creations like yours for the new game
(and sorry, my message is not really related to this post)

olemantiker said...

happy you found us ;-)

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