12 October 2009

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I want to personally thank all of you for your concern and kind words. Your thoughts and prayers are more valuable than you can know. Yakov is not much better, there has been a recurrance of infection in his sinuses and nose that has caused more problems. He is still suffering from arythmia and hasn't regained as much of his fuctionality as the doctors had inclined us to believe he would. He will most likely require physical therapy to regain most of his lost functionality.

A number of you have asked for a way to send money and it has been a very difficult decision. I am undertaking this on my own without Yakov's consent, but the rude truth is that he needs the money more than he needs his pride. I want to stress that we are not asking for donations on his behalf, only providing this link for those of you who have already expressed an interest in helping out financially.


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Anonymous said...

HI Guys,

How is Yakov doing. I am continually praying for him. Our God is a faithful God, He made us in his likeness, thus when we wish others, it comes true. Yakov was the reason I got Sims 2, I am serious, I bookmarked his Huge Bodybuilder page in insemenator even before I had sims 2 in hand. I only know Engelchen of all you guys, Wow Engelchen you are what the bible says, There are friends who are closer than brothers. Wishing all of you a happy day. Once again I want to emphasize that Jesus will make our Yakov completely new. A whole lot of Sunday School children are praying for him, and will continue to do so.


ilikefishfood said...

Just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with Yakov at this time. The community is richer for his wonderful contributions. ilikefishfood (Toni)

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