1 January 2003

About Priapus

Priapus is a rather geeky fellow that spends most of his days chewing code and debugging software, he doesn't play The Sims 2, but thinks it's pretty. He is more of a Starcraft and Orange Box sort of fellow preferring to play an engineer in Team Fortress 2 - because as he says "they make things go BOOM!!!"

Priapus is a graduate of Miskatonic Institute of Alien Technology and is a hobbyist Evil Genius with plans to build his own Tillinghast resonator... we're not entirely sure what that is, but he seems very eager to have one, so we assume it's something important or at the very least quite likely to destroy the world, which he claims will at least save us from the gene-thieving Zerg hordes, whatever those are.

Hopefully Priapus won't be making the Blogger.com servers go BOOM!!! any time soon, since we have him on board as the fix-it man for those times when one of us make it go BOOM!!!

Priapus's Policy
If it ain't broke, upgarde it.