1 January 2003

About Olemantiker

Once upon a time in a far, far away and very dark galaxy just behind the last pale pulsating star of the known universe, there sat a shy and small boy all alone in his rocky crater on a bleak, desolate planet, dreaming of all the amazing adventures out there.

Adventures, as all the brave and fearless heroes experienced, heroes he knew from his yellowing and slowly decaying books, books he guarded like gold. Over and over again he read their stories.

Stories about gigantic battles against bloodthirsty and cruel aliens, mad and power-craving star-conquerors, and powerful and ruthless planetary magicians. And —of course— about invincible and selfless heroes facing evil in their quest for freedom and justice in the galaxy. He admired their determination and he envied them a little for all their powerful allies.

At last the day came when he stood up and decided to fight the indescribable evil and overpowering perdition in the universe. He also knew well that he could not fight this all by himself, he would need a band faithful warriors and determined comrades-in-arms by his side. Friends he could trust unconditionally, devoting body and soul to their quest just as he does.

As if the universe had heard him, it sent him a mighty comet. The boy jumped on its iridescent tail and ever since that day he traverses the known galaxies together with his faithful friends.

And they all fought for justice happily ever after - and if at night you look up to the twinkle right there between those two stars just slightly out of your sight, and you look really hard, you can still see them...

Olemantiker's Policy
You can do whatever you want to, recolor the objects, send them out to friends via mail or share them on forums or include the files in your uploaded lots - and yes, that means pay and/or free! Just please make sure people always know where you got all the files from and where they can find them for free and some information about them! The only thing I don't want you to do is claim anything as your own!


Greg said...

Im glad I found this site. All you guys do great work and it is good to be able to download your stuff again. :)

Greg said...

Im so glad I found this site. All you guys do such great work and it is good to be able to download your stuff again.

Noppasit said...

I Like Ciel & Enfer Clothes Very Much

Can You or Engelchen Sent All Of They To All4Sims.de

Thank You Very Much

Jean said...

Love this site so glad I found it great work...Keep it up...

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