1 January 2003

About Monshanjik

Monshanjik, born in the south of France, is a biochemist and botanist currently working with a team to discover methods of decreasing soil erosion and increasing crop yields under changing ecological conditions.

Monshanjik strongly supports recycling, electric cars, public transportation, solar and wind power, green building methods, organic growing methods, humane animal husbandry, and using local farm produce.

Monshanjik's interests include music, film, and sports. He is a member of a local amateur rugby team and coaches a junior soccer/football team (in season). Monshanjik works as a guest DJ once per month at a local club and hosts special events to raise funds for homeless families and families dealing with HIV.

He is only a part-time Simmer, but is an avid fan of the work of Marvine and Warlokk.