17 December 2008

No Red Lines During Pause mod

This mod should prove useful to custom content creators, contest-junkies, story-tellers, and film-makers. Basically anyone who uses something other than the in-game camera to grab screen-captures.

Dieser Mod entfernt den roten Rand im Spiel während dem Pausen- Bau- und Kaufmodus und ist nützlich für alle, die ihre Screenshots (Bilder/Fotos) nicht mit der -in Game Kamera- machen.

Attention! May conflict with other User Interface mods. May not work on Mac versions of the game.

Achtung! Verträgt sich möglicherweise nicht mit anderen User Interface mods!!! Funktioniert möglicherweise nicht bei Mac Versionen vom Spiel!!!

Installation: Extract the file from the RAR, then install by placing in the Downloads folder.

Installation: Rar entpacken und die Package Datei in den Downloads Ordner geben.

Un-Installation: Delete the file (no-red-pause-mod.package) from your Downloads folder.

Deinstallation: Einfach die Datei (no-red-pause-mod.package) aus den Downloads wieder entfernen/löschen.

Notes: The replacements images were made by replacing the TGA (uncompressed with 8-bit alpha channel) original images with transparent PNGs of identical size. This mod has been tested with The Sims 2 (only), University EP, Nightlife EP, Open for Business EP, and Seasons EP, Pets EP and Bon Voyage EP.

It also works with Sims Life Stories.

Thanks to Dracine at InSIMenator for testing this mod in Bon Voyage and reporting that it does work.

Policy: file-share friendly

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