17 December 2008

Artist's Loft Living Room Set

Fabric Samples
Continuing (after a very long break) the Artist's Loft series:

More tributes for Engelchen! *big hug*

A set of four (4) new meshes using the repository method:

A 3-tile Sofa | 3-Sitzer Sofa (MASTER Object for textures)
A 2-tile Loveseat | 2-Sitzer Sofa
A 2-tile Lounge-chair | Sessel und Hocker
A 1-tile Armed-chair | Sessel


KShad said...

I'm so glad that you have your own blog, Yakov. I love your stuff.

I also love this set. Keep up the good work!

Crmelsimlover (Ms. k)

KShad said...

I love this this set, Yakov.

I'm also glad you have your own blog now. Keep up the great work, hon.

Ms K (Crmelsimlover)

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