10 October 2008

The "District Attorney Bookcase"

Wall conduits and light switches by Cyclonesue (TSR)
part of the
Factory Switches, Sockets & Cables Set

Sometimes you need to find the loop hole in the law that will allow you to deprive a suspect of civil liberties. The thoughtful designers at Acme Industries have this solution for your legal library! All the functions of a 'real' law library with none of the need for "due process". Maintain order in your police state with the "District Attorney Bookcase" by BeOSBoxBoy.

Available in Decadent Aristocracy Gold, Faded Glory Blue, Failed Foreign Policy Green, Post-Industrial Mustard, Petite Bourgeoisie Pink, and Fading Empire Red.

Cloned from the Maxis base object "Double-Helix Designer Bookshelf" - at least one EP may be required, base game only compatibility is not guaranteed. CEP is required. Get CEP: http://cep.modthesims2.com/

This item will display in bookcases by type and the study by room. It costs: §650.

Poly-count Information:
Triangles: 820
Vertices: 480

Usage Policy:
This object may be recoloured without permission. The mesh may be included with your recolours on any site with credit to Marvine & BeOSBoxBoy.

This item may be included in lots uploaded to any Internet host EXCEPT THE EXCHANGE! The Exchange is evil and a black pit of intellectual property theft. If you upload this or any work by Marvine & BeOSBoxBoy to the Exchange very bad things may happen to you - you could start voting Republican or you may start believing that people like you when they really don't. So beware!

Doom! Doom! Doom! Now have fun!

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