1 March 2009

Scene Prop: Railway Carriage Interior

A railway carriage interior for story-tellers. I am asking for your user input here, I didn't make it closed because I figured storytellers needed camera elbow room and I didn't make the end cap a full endcap since I figured some of you would want to add in the toilet area or something.

I am not saying I will make your requests! just tell me what is needed to make this thing better, ok? It's already as low-poly as I can make it, vastly smaller polycount than a Maxis car and takes up about the same space. The artists' wooden pose sculpture by Maxis has 1643 triangles and is a one tile object for fuck's sake. So don't go giving me grief because the railway interior has 2092 triangles and covers 27 tiles.

If you need wheel-trucks and other bits and pieces of a railway wagon, say so here; but I have to warn you, they'll not be low polycount items, way too many round surfaces.

This item is recolourable only on the interior and exterior walls, you can do whatever you want with this and the mesh, I made it but never plan to even so much as look at it again in game.


Petzi said...

That's an awesome idea! LoveloveLOVE good sceneries for storytelling!


Deagh93 said...

Ooooo - when I saw this one of my sims sat right up and informed me what scene I needed this for - thank you so much for making such lovely storytelling prop stuff. :)

RiverofJazz said...

I love the concept behind this & I am sure it will come in handy for story tellers & Sim photo artist alike.

Charlie Chan said...

First off, Thanks a million for making this - I see SO much story-telling potential here...
As to suggestions, yes, as you said, wheel trucks (with slots for luggage perhaps) would be nice. Also, (and I haven't tried it in-game yet, so this may be a moot question) how about some posters (warning messages, time schedules, etc).
Also, would it be possible to have some seating going in the other direction? (like 2 seats side-by-side like on a bus)
Thanks again, your creations are always so interesting! :)

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