7 March 2009

10000 HITS!

Yes thanks to all you marvelous, groovy little trogs from SimsCave and PMBD, this blog has enjoyed a HUGE influx of traffic! That's right! An otherwise obscure and unimportant blog has leapt to a high traffic site! I am posting this a little prematurely, but dinner is waiting and I'd rather be early than late!

I can't thank you enough for this!

As a token of my gratitude, I am posting a new statue that I entitle "Da Winner!"

PS: I did utterly forget my manners!

Kiss kiss!


engelchen said...

WOW Yakov!
Da Winner looks great!
Thank you for the new toy, I will enjoy it :-)

And about the 10000 hits:

Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you...
for visiting our blog!!!

Charlie Chan said...

Congrats on the many hits!

Oh, my! He certainly does have a weiner, er I mean a winning attitude...

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