24 March 2009

Boutique Petra: Part First

* The "Petra" wall logo is NOT included

ATTENTION: These objects have high resolution textures and higher than normal poly-counts!

The counter MAY cause problems with some EPs since they were made to be base game compatible and have no outside corner meshes.

All objects are base game compatible - no EPs or Stuff Packs required.

The clothing rack appears in the catalog only on community lots.

Marvine (huge, regular, and slim bodybuilder meshs and textures)
Marvine (watch meshs and textures)
Engelchen (clothing and red birch wood textures)
Norman Bel Geddes and Frank Lloyd Wright (basic design concepts and inspiration)

Stacked sweaters - Suza Men's Clutter Set (not included)
Leather gym bag - NoFrills (TSR) (recolour by Beosboxboy - not included)
Attaché case - 4ESF (recolours by Beosboxboy - not included)
Hand bag - Sandy (ATS) Gifts for Sims (not included)
Watercolour Set - Sandy (ATS) Gifts for Sims (not included)
Photocopier - Wallsims Fusion set (not included)
Painting - Shoukeir (Sims2Play) Painting No.23 (not included)
Curtains - Simtomatic (TSR) Civic Walkin set (not included)

By downloading this set you agree to NEVER upload any of these items to the EA/Maxis Sims Exchange!
Otherwise, these objets may be posted on any other site with appropriate credit to Marvine, Engelchen, and beosboxboy.
A link to All4Sims.de is not required, but appreciated.



elkeda said...

The boutique is so perfect. Absolutly great work. Thank you so much.

elkeda said...

The boutique is so perfect. Thank you for the great work.

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