7 March 2009

Just for the record...

It seems some people have the impression that I want to be re-instated at GSC.

Well, just to set the record straight, I have no such desire. I did send Scotty a very concise and clearly stated PM informing him he could delete my section since because I had deleted all attachments under my name. It was a closed matter for me from the time he "suspended" my account.

I don't resent them for choosing to side with the pirates, I am not even surprised. I am really rather bemused by all of this. It does perfectly prove what I have so long said about the island mentality of forums.

I find it ironic that my juvenile and feeble bad joke could be so distorted and blown out of all proportion. How is that wishing pirates to all die of a fictional form of cancer is more offensive that suggesting they all take part in a casual act of scatophagy? It's not like I have some sort of magical power to actually cause cancer to happen simply by wishing it, it's not like anything I have ever said was important to these people before.

Like, in November 2005, when I said EA was going to make The Sims 3 a closed system with no inroad for sharable user-made custom content. Or, in March 2006, when I said that EA was planning to set up a sole-vending operation that forced all users to purchase everything from them in micro-purchases with some sort of points or sims money. No, no one listened, and now you all act surprised. You didn't pay attention to my words then, and you aren't now.

Yes, I am laughing AT you. Just like I promised I would in my former EA Sucks Big blog. Honestly, I don't care if you hate me or love me, because this gorgeous feeling of being so utterly right about so many things at the same time is like the best orgasm I could ever have imagined.

Now, we return to your regularly scheduled broadcast...

Kiss, kiss,


Ana said...

Salute my dear friend!
I know you don't care who loves you or hates you (and that's why I admire you in the first place), but I just wanted you to know nothing's changed for me. In the big constellations of the sim universe, I'm just a humble little light. And so many times it was you who helped me to keep that light shining on. So I thank you.

Missing you,

Beosboxboy said...

*tight hug* thanks ANA, i may not care if people love or hate me, but I do have a healthy appreciation of the differences between the two. My draconian sense of humour aside, it has always been my absolute and utter pleasure to help you in any way I could. You are one of the best of the best in this stupid, embittering, unreliable community and you will always have my respect and admiration for being nothing more than a decent person, something I cannot claim for myself LOL *big hug*

billw1701 said...


I just wanted to say that this whole things is rather stupid. I only use stuff from the free sites because I cannot afford the pay stuff. I don't believe in pirating. However I do believe in freedom of speech. What you said, you said here, not at the GSC2.

Sometimes dark humor can be taken the wrong way. I will leave it at thatbecause I admire both you and Scotty.

Be well my friend.

Beosboxboy said...

Bill, thanks for commenting. First, I want to say that I would never ask anyone to make a "decision" to side on this matter, I have no beef with anyone except the pirates who organise and propagate the booty. This -- for me at least -- has never been about free site vs pay site; it has always been about my rights as an artist to my own and shared work I have done; to make what I want, when I want, and distribute it however and where-ever I want.

I think no less of an average user for advantaging himself of a free source rather than a pay source; it's the way the world works. If a guy is giving out free apples, few would bother to ask how he got them; they'll simply take the apples and feel the richer for it. there will always be some level of silent sharing of files, EA didn't make things any better for anyone but themselves when they set the game to export lots with every bit, bob, and dooflingletron on the lot in the sims2pack.

And money, in these times, who doesn't feel the pinch? This is a time when we should all be banding together to kick the teeth out of EA for what they are planning to do with The Sims 3; but too many people find it more entertaining to take turns spitting on one another... me included in that, I guess. A personal weakness of mine, I have always found it vastly gratifying to spit on those worthy of the effort.

As for my sick humour, it's who I am, and if people don't like it, they most assuredly don't have to look at it. I am all too familiar with the fact sometimes it blows up in your face, but I won't change who I am or how I see the world for anything or anyone. I am very comfortable in my skin, and because of that, I extend the same courtesy to others: I don't expect or want anyone to change one thing for me.

If anything, I want people to really think about what it is they are thinking and doing and know why they think and do whatever. The ancient Greeks had γνῶθι σεαυτόν inscribed over the temple at Delphi in gold letters: "Know thyself." If I can inspire just one person to look at all this and ask themselves "why?" It is enough for me.

I may not be a class act, but I am fully capable of comporting myself with as much civility as the next man when it suits my purposes. And I have always felt that no good - as well as no evil - done me should go without proper repayment. You Sir, have ever been a sane, reasonable voice in the clamour. You have been a pleasant companion in chats and a wry wit when you allow yourself, so I can say with sincerity, you're a keeper and I am honoured that you would call me a friend. I don't think I'm worth the distinction, but who really ever is? We usually discover precisely who isn't at precisely the worst possible times >_<

The plain truth is I have never made any great secret that I am not always a nice person, I have gone to rather great lengths to inform the general public I have a mouth on me and a will to use it. I have always told everyone up front that this is how I am and they can take it or leave it as they choose. And if a person gets so they can't stand the site of me or stand to hear my name, I can all too well understand that too, since there are days when I feel the same about myself.

If you want to be my friend, yay!! but as this week's events have surely proved to all, best strap yourself down tight, you are in for one Hell of a ride. LOL

billw1701 said...

Yakov you are ever the rascal. Keep doing what you do for in that you are only being true to yourself. What more can anyone ask? Oh and guess what? I am strapped in and if the ride gets bumpy, so be it. It only adds interest.

Sue said...

Yakov - I do believe you are now making people cry. Tut-tut. How bad! So sad.... I think the Sims community has become 100% better since your return (well, it has for me). Keep well, my friend.

Sue said...

Yakov - if you're not careful you'll start making people cry. It's lovely to see you back (long may it last) and what a fresh, poo-smelling air you have breezed through the community! Thanks for your raw honesty - you've spoken for a lot of people. Hugest, warmest hugs to you, my friend.


Ana said...

Yakov *hugs*
Thank you very much for your words, hun. You are a decent person too. I know that beneath all your sharp intelligence and your amazing creativity (which I admire) lies as well a generous, supportive, genuine and honest person.
I'm proud to have you as a friend, 'cause that's how I will always consider you. :)

*More hugs*


The Last Holdout at Minas Ithil said...

Hey Yakov! Sorry to see things take a turn like this, but such is life. Personally I thought the whole situation was just hilarious, hilarious in the "oh my god they're serious? . . . wow" depressing sort of way *facepalm* Aaanywho. Hang in there, and remember, when life gives you lemons, make grape juice, then sit back and wonder how the hell you pulled that one off.

Unknown said...

Dearest Yakov,

La vérité est dans le vin, et je suis heureux de partager votre tasse. I think I said that right, lol. *Biggest Hug*


Unknown said...

Dearest Yakov,

La vérité est dans le vin, et je suis heureux de partager votre tasse. I think I said that right, lol.

*Biggest Hugs*

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