5 March 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Welcome to the Sims Community, a happy land where all are forced to think alike, where opinion must be approved by the party, where your "best friend" will turn on you to keep in good with the ruling powers, where every thing you say and do is monitored, observed, and may be turned against you... hang on, I think I've been there before, didn't we used to call it Союз Советских Социалистических Республик?! (Soviet Union for those of you not graced with Unicode support)

My apologies to the very decent Russians and Germans in the Sims community for this image - but it was too funny to not use. I do know the difference between communists and Nazis, since I was so long a communist and taught of how evil the Nazis were and how wonderful the communists were during my history classes of The Great Patriotic War (WW2); and as for the difference between Russians and Germans, no better illustration can be given than that I am Russian and not German.

I offer this image only as a warning to the newbies who may not yet fully understand the thing they have signed on for, welcome! And good luck!

For the rest of you Sims old-timers, stay with your shine!

Kiss kiss.

PS: thanks to all you who've I've offend, you have run my blog site hit count up over 4000 hits in under 3 days! If you keep this up, I will need to make a 10000 hits celebration set!

PPS: for those of you who really feel the need to contact me and speak your mind, it isn't a terribly difficult logic puzzle to figure out you need only stick beosboxboy in front of @gmail.com - that doesn't mean I will reply, of course, but I would dearly love to have some gems to post as misquotes and use your words out of context - it's so chic and fashionable these days.

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