5 July 2009

Yakov home from Hospital

Unsurprisingly, the so-called doctors at the hospital ran a lot of expensive tests and sent Yakov home to us with the recommendations that he have valve-replacement surgery and maybe a pacemaker. Something we've known for a considerable time, but aren't able to afford.

At least he's alive and at home. We appreciate all the emails and comments. I've printed them out and shown them to him, so he sends his thanks to you each.

Yakov still has some problems with speech and memory. In his own words "it's better than being dead... or being at that do-nothing hospital, which is worse by far than being dead; at least people sometimes talk to the dead, unlike the staff at that place."

The photo of the dashing fellow in desert garb is Vincent Price as the deliciously abominable Dr. Anton Phibes in "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" - which Yakov has just finished watching (again).


Unknown said...

Sending healing & encouraging thoughts. I know it's no fun in the hospital...

I, too, wish they'd fix the damn 'health care' (and I use the term loosely) system.

Take care, Monshanjik & Yakov!


Gábor said...

I hope he will be alright!

Unknown said...

Thanks Monshanjik for letting us know what is happening. I wish you would come out again and tell us what's been going on lately. We know now that Yakov is home, but is he alright, is he better? Is he going to be back to continue blogging and simming?
Too many questions I know, but that's how concerned I am about his health and welfare.

Now this is for him: Yakov, honey. Hang in there,dear. You're in my thoughts and prayers all the time. I'm looking forward to see you back around very soon. You know there's a whole community out there whishing for you to be well. So drop a line whenever you're able to let us know about you. ;)

That's all, thanks again to Monshanjik and of course thanks to the great Beosboxboy for all the amazing sims stuff, the talent, the friendship and the unconditional support.

Love you and miss you bunches,



joebloke242 said...

I just got around to opening a Google account for the express purpose of posting a comment for you. I can't tell you how much I'm missing you on the interweb. Those snarky remarks, your devil-may-care whimsy, and the general beosboxboy exeperience is tangibly absent and it breaks my heart. I have offered prayers and small-animal sacrifices to the powers that be in the hopes that we all might have our Yakov back. Know that you are loved and missed by many of your faithful acolytes; the third bush is awfully lonesome without you. *Big Hug*

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