12 February 2009

Ultra Modern California Style Home

100 Steep Drive

Expansion Packs & Stuff Packs: All, yes ALL of them

Best suited for the steep drive in Belladonna Cove (Apartment Life neighbourhood)
Best location
View from Street
Front Elevation
West Side
Cost as packaged: §79,406

Photo Credits:
11 Dots - Avenue potted ficus, Atrium blinds
BeOS Box Boy - Wall-light Poster, Locker-room Bench, single and stack of toilet paper rolls
Blakeboy (MTS2)- Wall-mounted skateboards
Cyclonesue (TSR) - wall AC unit, European-style room heater, roof-top clutter
Kate (Parsimonious) - Lune Attic blackboard
Klarsicht42 (MTS2)- KS Light system wall-lights
Living Dead Girl (TSR) - Wall sitches and electrical outlets
Mango Sims - Laundy Items, Suit cases
Merola64 (SimChaotics) - Multipurpose Painting (Hacked Object)
MsBarrows (TSR) - Blue Suede Sofa
NoFrills (TSR) - Gym bag
Shoukeir (Sims2Play) - Cozy Corner table & chairs
Shtinky (HolySimoly) - Babble sofa, Seaside Siding, Industrial Fence, Tranquility dining chair, Wetter pedistal sink
Windkeeper (TSR) - Helios Counter-height Window, Tissue Box, Wicker laundry hamper, wall-mount toilet paper roll, wall towels

All custom objects removed from the lot before packaged to Sims2Pack, only Maxis content in the packed file.


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