30 October 2008

Frankenstein's Creation

Especially dedicated to SynapticSim & GeneralZoi

Organ Donors:

Dermis: by Louis (treated with formaldehyde and bound to the bodybuilder)
Meshes for Dermis: by Marvine et Beosboxboy (included)
Hair: by Beosboxboy
Mesh for Hair: by Beosboxboy (included)
Eye-colour: by Enayla "Dark Bronze"
Eye-shadow: by Liegenschonheit "Oil Stain Eyeshadow"
Mask: non signum fecit "Dark Circles"
Face Wrinkles: Maxis texture, made a mask by Beosboxboy
Clothing: by Beosboxboy
Mesh for Clothing: by Marvine et Beosboxboy (included)

Additional matter: Adult add-ons

Full-body erect fetish cock
Full-body soft fetish cock
Full-body no cock
Shower-proof skintone with soft fetish cock nude

All the stuff goes in your downloads folder...

All necessary meshes are included in the RAR.

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