8 October 2009

Yakov Update

Yakov is feeling better, he's moving around with more ease, but still easily tired by the slightest exercise. Yesterday and today he walked about 100 metres with his cane. He's made some attempts to use the Internet and has installed Sims again. He cusses constantly, so we think it means he's back to being his old self in most ways.

He wore a Holter monitor last Thursday and Friday, and we were happy about that until it came to our attention that there was a hidden fee. The processing lab that compiles and reports the findings won't release the information without payment. We've managed to scrape together most of it but are US$330 short. I hate asking for donations, and Yakov hates me asking for them more than you would believe, but if anyone has it to spare, the help would be greatly appreciated.

It sucks the more because we had been given to believe all of the treatment done by the cardiologist would be free. The fine print was a different reality. All of these trips up to the Cleveland area are the more hurtful because someone has to miss a day of work to take Yakov up and back, so whereas we'd maybe have the money if we didn't miss the work, we are getting hammered by both lost wages and unexpected expenses.

Now we're in a position where we have important test results but can't access them. It's more than frustrating.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Yakov:

You will get well completely because I am saying so to you. I made my prayers for you. you will be very happy and have a lot of good days. Have a great day. Rejoice!!!


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